How To Boost Your Immune System And Energy Levels With Natural Supplements

Posted on: 23 April 2015

When your immune system is functioning properly, your energy levels are less likely to be depleted due to illness. Modern human lifestyles are full of stress that contributes to repressing your immune system and your body's energy supply. Fortunately, there are many natural supplements that you can add to your immune arsenal to keep you healthy and your energy at an optimal level.

There are many herbal and vitamin supplements that claim to boost the immune system. Many of these supplements have not been researched enough to find conclusive evidence that they do indeed boost immune health.

The following list of supplements have all been shown to improve immune function in peer-reviewed, medical studies.


Garlic is an ancient remedy that has been touted for centuries as the cure-all for what ails you. A 2006 study found a correlation between garlic consumption and a lower risk for several cancers. Also in laboratory tests, garlic was shown to fight off bacteria. New studies suggest that garlic may also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


Probiotics contain bacteria that naturally occur in your digestive tract. Stress, antibiotics, and poor diet deplete the reserves of these bacteria. A study performed at Harvard Medical school, showed that these good bacteria boost the immune system by increasing your T-cell counts. T-cells are your immune system's natural defense mechanism that attacks invading viruses and bad bacterias.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C improves immune function by shortening the duration and severity of illnesses. A 2006 study showed that Vitamin C rapidly depletes during an illness, but when a supplement is taken the bodies cells can repair themselves more rapidly. The study also showed that Vitamin C decreases inflammation of cells so that the body can fight back. Vitamin C is particularly adept at fighting off the common cold.


In the same 2006 study cited in the previous section, zinc was found to have similar immune benefits as Vitamin C. Zinc deficiency leads to a faulty immune system, whereas taking zinc supplements helps the body fight off infection and shorten illnesses.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and also boosts the immune response. Vitamin D was used to treat tuberculosis patients before they understood that sunlight produces this vitamin naturally. A recent study showed that taking a Vitamin D supplement helps to fight off the flu.

Taking these natural supplements in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, will help keep your immune system in great shape.