Under Extreme Stress? Relieve It With These Natural Tips

Posted on: 18 January 2018

If nothing you do relieves the extreme stress you're under, change the way you relax. Stress can be dangerous if it causes problems with your health or affects your way of life. Common stress relievers, such as exercise and meditation, might not be enough to improve your mood or outlook on life. Here are other natural ways to relieve your stress now.

Read a Good Book

Reading is one of the most relaxing and natural ways to get through stressful times. Sources reveal that reading can alleviate as much as 68 percent of stress in an individual's life. Reading helps you overcome stress by distracting your mind from the things that worry, upset, confuse, or aggravate you.

For example, if you can't sleep or fall asleep because you're worried about completing an important assignment at work, reading a good story or book can redirect your thoughts to something less stressful. The book helps you fall asleep because you're no longer focused on your job.

It's a good idea that you select books that interest or intrigue you. In addition, your books shouldn't contain conflict, war, or another topic that brings on or triggers stress. If possible, sign up with a book club to help you obtain the literature you need or want to read.

If reading isn't right for you, choose another method like float therapy to relieve your extreme stress.

Immerse Yourself in Float Therapy

Float therapy (or flotation therapy) uses water and magnesium to alleviate stress in the mind and body. As your body floats in the water, it begins to relax and lose tension. This may be due to the muscle-relaxing properties of magnesium, or the tension-relieving benefits of water. Some individuals become less anxious about the things going on in their lives when they take float therapy.

If you have problems with floating or being in water, consult with a therapist before treatment. You may need to drink a cup of warm tea or listen to soothing music before your session. Tea and music can calm your mind without the use of sedatives and other medications.

Also, you may need to wear a bathing suit during your treatment. Choose bathing wear that is light and comfortable on your body and skin. Heavier clothing may weigh you down and disrupt the experience.

If you have questions about float therapy or need additional information about it, consult a therapist or call a float therapy center like Float Center Shiloh.