Trying to Impress a New Age Girl? Learning and Purchasing an Emerald Fuchsite Sphere May Help

Posted on: 6 December 2018

New age crystals and natural healing—how much of that kind of thing is real? Some people might say that anything is real if you believe in it hard enough. If you find yourself interested in a new age girl, however, you may have to push your own will to believe harder than ever before. She might already believe in crystals and their energies and powers, while you know almost nothing about this stuff. If you really want to impress her, start by learning everything about an emerald fuchsite stone healing sphere. Make sure you carry it with you everywhere you go, and when possible, let her see you carrying it. She already knows what it means and may strike up a conversation with you about it. Here is what you need to know about this stone trinket. 

Fuchsite and Emerald Fuchsite

Fuchsite is a mica-laden mineral. It is generally green in color and has lots of mica sparkle to it. By itself, it is attractive enough. When mixed in nature with green beryl, or opaque emerald stone, it has all varying shades of green in it, with hints of a glittering, silvery sparkle. If nothing else, it will make a very pretty paperweight for you. 

Stone Healing

This new age girl believes that all stones are able to channel and direct specific energies. The stones can pull people together or push them apart. The stones can also cure or heal people of ailments and misfortunes. Every kind of stone has its own special healing property, too. The reason why the new age girl will strike up a conversation when she sees you with an emerald fuchsite sphere is that she already knows that bearers of this stone sphere are seeking and likely to find love. That is clearly what you are doing in trying to get this girl's attention, and she may very well recognize that. That, or she may want to know whose attention you are seeking and whether or not you are currently successful.

Seeking Amplifier

Some stones are said to be amplifiers of the energy you want. In this case, the emerald fuchsite is a "seeking amplifier." It is supposed to take your seeking for love energy and amplify it, helping you direct your path toward your truest love. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that your truest love is the new age girl you're interested in, but at least you might become very good friends when she spots your healing sphere.