Healthy Ways To Use Essential Oils

Posted on: 24 April 2019

Essential oils are a fantastic and healthy material to use in your everyday health routine. Not only do they smell great, they also have a whole host of health benefits. There are lots of different essential oils that you can use, and all of them can be used in a variety of ways. So stock up on organic essential oils such as lavender, and then use them in some of the following ways.

Make Organic Scented Soap

If you are a fan of those fancy soaps that you see for sale at gourmet stores, then you should look into making your own soap. It's a relatively straightforward process and only requires a few ingredients. You will need to take precautions because making soap requires lye. So you can order lye from a soap making company. Also buy oil (most people use olive oil), and then order a some Certified Organic French lavender essential oils. Follow the steps in a soap makers' guide. 

Chemical Free Air Fresheners

If you want to skip the harsh chemicals that you find in commercial air fresheners, then you can make your own natural air fresher. This is rather simple to do. All you have to do is get some baking soda, a glass bottle, some distilled water, and your essential oil. Then, you mix the ingredients up, and you can spray your room without having to worry about the harmful chemicals. 

Make Homemade Massage Oils

Another fantastic thing to try is to make homemade massage oils. You can get a certified organic essential oil from a supplier and then also get a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and mix the two. The carrier oil is the oil that "carries" the scent. So in the case of using lavender oil, you would use a few drops of lavender oil and more coconut oil. You can then use this homemade organic massage oil instead of using one of the more expensive ones from the store. 

Scent The Air With A Essential Oil Diffuser 

If you don't feel like making a spay bottle with your essential oil, then what you can do is order your organic essential oils and then use them in a diffuser. These are devices that will spread the scent around the room. These diffusers can be also be wonderful decorations to your home in that they oftentimes have a nice design and a light display. You can set them up on the bed stand and have them function both as a peaceful nightlight and scent the room a calming lavender scent.