Choosing And Using CBD Lotions

Posted on: 22 February 2021

Although CBD is best known as a substance that's taken orally, there are plenty of CBD lotions on the market, too. These can be really helpful for adding extra moisture to the skin, and they can also help calm down irritation and conditions like acne. However, when you're new to CBD lotions, the whole thing can seem a bit confusing. The following are some helpful tips for choosing and using your CBD lotion.

Look for an oil-based product.

There are some water-based lotions and some oil-based lotions. You may be tempted to buy a water-based product because these absorb into the skin more quickly, but actually, an oil-based product is usually the better choice. CBD is oil-soluble, so an oil-based lotion does a better job of carrying the CBD with it into your skin. With an oil-based product, you will get more healing benefits since the CBD penetrates deeper. You may even feel relaxation and stress relief, as you would if you were to take CBD orally, since some of the compound may be absorbed into your bloodstream. Common carrier oils to see in CBD lotion include jojoba oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.

Look for a concentrated product.

May close attention to how much CBD the lotion contains. Weaker products that contain 100 mg or 500 mg of CBD may soothe dryness and mild irritation, but if you are dealing with something more prevalent, like acne or eczema, you really want a more concentrated product. There are 1000-mg CBD lotions, and they tend to be a good choice for those who are serious about healing.

Apply the lotion to clean skin.

Remember, CBD lotions are formulated to penetrate into your skin. You don't want them carrying any impurities with them. So, make sure you clean your skin before you apply the lotion. Plus, after you take a warm shower, your pores will be more open, so you'll absorb the CBD more effectively.

Apply a little CBD lotion more often.

Rather than slathering yourself in a thick layer of CBD lotion once a day, try applying a smaller amount twice a day. You can only absorb so much CBD at once, so this helps ensure it does not go to waste. Plus, it helps keep a more consistent level of CBD in and on your skin tissues.

CBD lotion can be a really helpful tool for skin ailments and beyond. You just have to know how to choose and use it to your advantage.