Worried About Acupuncture Safety? 3 Common Concerns Answered

Posted on: 25 March 2022

Acupuncture has been appreciated and celebrated by people for a very long time. However, inserting needles into the skin can understandably make some people nervous, especially if you're worried about your safety. However, modern-day acupuncture is extremely safe. Here are three common concerns that people often have about acupuncture treatment and why you shouldn't worry.

Needle Cleanliness 

Needles are never reused in modern acupuncture. With safety being a top priority, these days needles are packaged individually or in a small pack, sealed in packaging to ensure they're germ-free. This ensures that you not only won't get any transmitted diseases from other people through acupuncture needles but also prevents random bacteria or germs from getting into the insertion point and causing an infection or other problem. If this still worries you, you can always ask your acupuncturist to open a new pack of needles in front of you so that you can be assured that they're brand new.

Skin Cleanliness

Another concern patients sometimes have is whether or not the bacteria on their skin will cause an issue. After all, even a minor scratch has the potential to get infected, so wouldn't a needle being pushed through the skin with bacteria cause problems?

In theory, this could be a possibility, though acupuncture was practiced for hundreds of years under these conditions without any major concerns. However, rest assured that this won't be an issue for you, regardless. Your acupuncturist will swipe the area that they insert a needle with an alcohol pad to ensure that any bacteria is killed and removed before the needle is put in. 


Finally, the needle insertion itself makes some people nervous. However, this is nothing like getting an injection or a blood draw at the doctor's office. Acupuncture needles only need to be inserted a few millimeters in order to achieve the intended effect. If you lie or sit still while the needles are put in place, you shouldn't experience any pain. There may be a slight pinch when the needle is inserted, but it will pass very quickly.

Acupuncture wouldn't still be as popular as it is if it were unsafe. These days, most acupuncturists have to undergo training, testing and licensing in order to perform the practice. You can rest easy knowing that the process will be safe and helpful to you. If you have any other questions about your safety during an acupuncture session, don't hesitate to ask.