4 Types Of Energy Healing To Explore

Posted on: 20 June 2022

Your body is powerful, and in many cases, it has the ability to heal itself. Sometimes, it just needs a little push to put those healing mechanisms into action. Energy healing can help with that. By re-orienting the energy that runs through your body, energy healing can jump-start your body's own healing process. There are many different types of energy healing out there, but these are four of the top ones you might want to try.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. It involves a "healer" using their hands and their own energy field to manipulate your own. Reiki can be very relaxing. It not only stimulates your body to heal, but can put you in a better mindset to deal with your illness or pain. Some reiki practitioners will even show you self-reiki moves that you can do at home between appointments to enhance your healing and accelerate results.

Crystal Healing

If you would rather work on energy healing on your own without a practitioner, then you may want to look into crystal healing. Certain crystals are said to manipulate and affect your own energy field in various ways. For instance, you may want to wear or hold some hematite to help treat a blood disorder. Or, you may want to hold some aquamarine to help your body fight problems like arthritis pain and joint soreness.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a type of energy healing that has gained more traction lately. You'll partake in this healing with a guide or healer. They'll help you visualize the flow of energy through your body and how it changes as you breathe. Once you're more aware of your own energy flow, you can modify it in ways that enhance and allow for your healing. Quantum healing is said to be good for your immune system, specifically.


Quigong is a Chinese energy healing practice. You will engage in this healing with a healer or practitioner. They will guide you in moving your body in certain ways while using specific breathing techniques to alter the flow of energy through your mind and body. Quigong is good for overall health and can be a helpful preventative tool, too.

If you're interested in experiencing energy healing, start with one of the protocols above. Each one has its pros and cons. Over time, you will learn which practices work best for you.