Benefits Of Using Pulse Diagnostics In Acupuncture

Posted on: 14 December 2022

Acupuncture is a form of treatment that people use for a variety of issues. Headaches and pain management are the most common uses of acupuncture. You may consider using acupuncture for some of the pain management and other issues you may be having. If you are considering acupuncture, you should also consider the benefits of using an acupuncturist that makes use of pulse diagnostics. Here are the benefits of this method and how it can better assist your pain management needs. 

Pulse Diagnostics

In basic terms, your acupuncturist will use your pulse as a way to determine what is going on with your pain and other issues. For example, a higher pulse can signify greater amounts of pain in an individual. This means, if your pulse is high, you may be experiencing additional stress from your pain. There are other indicators your pulse can give the acupuncturist that will also help determine how to proceed with a treatment plan. 


There are several indicators a pulse diagnostic test can offer. In addition to possible increased stress or pain, there are other factors your acupuncturist looks for. For example, faster pulses can also show an increase in body heat. This helps the acupuncturist begin looking for a source of that excessive heat. If you have a lower pulse rate, it can indicate a cooler portion of the body. Abnormally strong pulses can indicate an increase in the body of anything from emotion to pain. Weaker pulses can indicate you have a loss such as oxygen, or iron in the blood, or even depression. 


The position a pulse is taken matters a great deal when using pulse diagnostics for acupuncture. Your left hand, also known as Du Mai, deals with the kidneys as well as the heart and liver. The right-hand pulse point, also known as Ren Mai, deals with the pericardium, spleen, and lungs. Depending on your pain issues and where you are experiencing the most problems, the acupuncturist may use either side or both side pulse points to determine the proper course of treatment. 

The use of pulse diagnostics is most commonly used with transformational forms of acupuncture. If you are interested in this type of acupuncture method, discuss the options with your acupuncturist. You should also ensure your insurance does cover this type of service. Keep in mind that you may need multiple visits in order to gain the result from the acupuncture you want. This is normal and is determined by the type of health issues or pain management you have and need.